Zakchi palace is located in the middle of a small square near the port captain. It is a three-storey building with a long balcony on the second floor along the gloomy facade and with the luminaries (roof-houses) with gloomy walls with slender stone pyramids with balls on the spit, which are a common element in Dalmatian construction but rarely placed on the gloomy facade. Among them is a plastic chimney with a prominent ornament. Above the balcony there is a relief of a small niche with a statue of Our Lady. In the courtyard there is an outer staircase leading to the first floor next to the west facade. The glittering dragon heads of the tooth gums drain the rain from the roof. The builder and owner of this house, who was probably a knight and a castell of Komin castle, Antun Zanchi, built a house with a lot of imagination, expressing the freedom of local construction. Source



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