Church of St. Marija "Gusarice" was built in the middle of the 16th century along the coast of Komiža. The name "Pug" was obtained because of the pirate theft of her image, allegedly after the shipwreck that had experienced that pirate ship, the sea returned to the beach in front of the church, where the handing over of the beginning of the 18th century was recorded. century. It is built in Renaissance style and has a somewhat unusual shape as it consists of three connected churches with three fused triangular facades. The doors are renaissantly profiled and above them there is a simple decorative lunette. Inside, three jetties are separated by arches on the strong walled columns over which there are three vaults. The middle ship has a Gothic vault, and its apse is covered with a vaulted arch. The west coast has a gothic vaulted vault, and the east coast has a half-carved vault with baroque features. There are five altars in the church, the most beautiful main altar with gilded baroque statues of Annunciation. Particularly interesting is the wooden chant, the middle part of which is baroque gilded, and both wings are framed with carved lattices. Beside the eastern wall of the church there is a small courtyard with an eight-storey garden where the water flowing there is kept. On each of the eight sides there are the reliefs of saints and religious signs associated with Komiža: Saint Nicholas, Saint Andrew, Saint Anthony and Archangel Michael, Adam and Eve, Mary with a son, a divine limb with a cross as a famous Christ and a torch in the open door as a symbol in the afterlife. Source




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