At the top of the hill east of Komiža, at 300 meters above sea level, St. Michael's Church was built. It is located next to the road and is easily accessible to anyone who wants to visit, but it is only possible one day in the year, on St. Michael's day when Mass is held there. It is mentioned in XII. century as the property of the Biševian Benedictine monastery. In its form, it is possible to recognize the signs of the transition from pre-Romanesque to Romanesque style. This is recognized by square oblonged stones, walled joists, a small round window on the facade, as well as other square smaller windows on the side walls and the position of the church in the east and west direction. In the interior of the early Romanesque church, there is a dividing wall on the south wall separated by two columns, consisting of three semi-circular wide arches, the crossing of the square apse in its semicircular arch and a raised altar on the staircase. According to these marks of the wall, apse, vault and altar the church can be dated to XII. century when it was first mentioned. It is not believed to be older because there are no shallow plumage reliefs that are otherwise found in pre-Romanesque churches. It is mentioned again in XIV. century when the bell tower was built above the facade. In XIV. It was in the ruins of the century and it was at the beginning of the 17th century. century restored by the means of a Comedy who wanted it. The repair has left many traces, especially on the northern wall where there are no original pavements. At that time, there was an altar with the triptych of St. Michael, between St. George and St. Nicholas, and beside that picture and two wooden statues of angels. Source




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