In the Gospino Batarija, the main fortress built by the Austrians at the beginning of the XIX century on the island of Vis, there is the Archaeological Museum. There are three different collections in it. The Archaeological-Ethnographic and Cultural History Exhibition, which was set up by the Croatian Historical Museum in Zagreb and the Archaeological Museum of Split, can be seen under the title "Visiting the Visitor's Museum of the Island of Vis". The exhibition begins with a Greek dish which dates from III. - Early Christians and the Greek Greeks used them in their daily lives. In this section can be seen the stone relief of the Roman god Marsa made in I.-II. as well as three stone heads. The second part of the exhibition deals with the fisheries of Visa. The central exhibit is the bow of the fishing boat set as if it was pulled to the ground. There are also fishing gear and boat equipment on it and around it: spur, catch, paddle, boat pump, anchor, mud, feral and other items. The last part of the exhibition shows civilian furniture, objects related to shipbuilding, viticulture, transportation of goods, and contemporary history. Source


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