On the Adriatic islands, exposed by pirate attacks, there were established churches and monasteries. One of these churches is also the church of St Reka on the coast of the town of Komiža.

In the 16th century, a church was built at its place dedicated to St. Roch, the patron saint of the plague that was at that time. In 1763, Mardesic’s family was granted the permission of Bishop James Pontaly to build a new church of St Roch in the form of a tower, and to use the old for sacristy after moving the altar to a new one.

On the walls of the church there is no window, except the round on the front and the windows under the roof, and there is no apse. The side doors of the defensive garrison were served and the hanging wall above them.

Only in the 20th century a small bell tower was erected, moved from the old church or from the sacristy. Inside the church there is a late-baroque altar painted by an Italian author from the 19th century. Source

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