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  • Springtime in Komiža

    Vis offers many opportunities for rest and relaxation with its geographical position and beautiful nature. The offer includes: scuba diving, hiking, kayaking, paragliding and caving. Visit Komiža in the spring and start your adventure!

    Connect with nature

    Komiza Regatta

    Dear friends and sailing lovers, join us in the traditional Regatta of Komiža which is held every year in May on the route Split - Vis. Discover the beauty of Komiža's archipelago through sailing, and we promise you'll have a great time in our town. With good food and a special program, fun for all the sailors and guests is guaranteed. Make our Regatta race even more magnificent with your participation.

    Sail into the summer

    Rota Palagruzona

    The historical regatta on the route Komiža-Palagruža in historical fishing boats was re-established on the 4 th of September 2009. For centuries, the fishermen sailed to Palagruža, which is 42 nm away from Komiža, to fish sardines which were then salted in barrels on the beach over there and brought in gaettas Falkuša to the barracks in Komiža by the end of the fishing dark. As a rowing regatta, "Rota Palagruzona" was the longest marathon in the world, a unique venture which required limits of human physical capabilities to be exceeded.

    Experience our heritage

    Omiš Festival of Dalmatian Klapa

    This mixed a'cappella choir festival has been held in Komiža for several years. All of the best mixed singing groups from the whole of Croatia compete, turning this event into an exciting competition, in which a jury and the audience decide on the winner. Come and enjoy the traditional Dalmatian song and make yourself a part of the most famous festival of Dalmatian Harmony Singing.

    Become one with the music

    Big Game Fishing

    Big Game Fishing is a popular sport and fishing activity in the world, and presents ideal link between fun and adventure which has been recognised in Croatia as well. This manifestation in form of international qualifications is held during the second week of July in organisation by Sport and Fishing Club BIG GAME CROATIA from Split.

    Explore this unique sporting event

    Fishermen's night

    As each year, in high season Komiža reaches its summer crowning with the celebration of the Fishermen’s Night – traditional manifestation which has been held every first Saturday in August, ever since 1986. The celebration of the Fishermen’s Night is fulfilled with songs, dance and home-made delicacies.

    Feel the beat of the rhythm of the night

    Biševo's night

    Biševo's night is held on the last Saturday of August in the bay Mezuporat on the island of Biševo. The transport to the island is organized or is provided by private fishing boats for anyone who wants to come. Traditional songs and music last late into the night, and an organized night visit to the Blue Cave will leave you breathless. Join us and treat yourself to an unforgettable night.

    Enter the fairytale of Biševo

    Carrob days

    Carob days is an event which aims to promote the almost forgotten, but in the history of Komiža extremely important fruit - carob. The event is held in early September. Carob days are accompanied by a special program and various lectures that educate younger generations and visitors about this plant. The highlight of this event is a carob cake sale, and the funds that are raised are donated to charity. Come and savor the authentic desserts of Komiža.

    Sweeten your days with carob
  • The perfect destination

    Komiža has long fishing tradition which is reflected in the appearance of this small town and in the warmth of the local people. It is situated at the foot of the hill Hum (587 m) and oriented in West-Southwest direction. It is, therefore, protected from all the northerly winds and is subsequently the warmest place in Croatia in winter.

    The archipelago of Komiža encompasses even the farthest Adriatic islands, rich with fish – Biševo, Palagruža, St. Andrija as well as Jabuka and Brusnik – islands of volcanic origin.

    Find Komiza on the map

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